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Church of Jesus Christ in Madagascar.

Easter worship service 2020.

Jesus is really alive

 The Church of Jesus Christ in Madagascar (F.J.K.M) broadcasted a worship service throughout FTV, Radio Fahazavana and local TV, from a local Church in Ambaniala Itaosy  last April 12, 2020, on Easter day.

The members of the central committee of the FJKM church led the service.

The message of encouragement was from Mark 16 : 9 – 20, which is given by Dr. Irako Andriamahazosoa Ammi, President of the FJKM. He mentioned that: the Easter 2020 was celebrated at home within the family like the 1st Easter of the Israelites in Exodus 12.

Jesus’s resurrection witnessed

« Jesus is really alive » That was the main focus of his sermon, as Jesus Firstly appeared to Mary Magdalene, a woman, a former demon possessed who became the 1st missionary. Secondly, Jesus appeared to two men, not religious ones but laics, yet Jesus accepted to walk with them. And thirdly, to the 11 apostles. Jesus blamed them, but after He commissioned the 11 to make disciples and then, gave them assurance in doing the mission.

Then, he drawn the believers attention to focus and to stand firm that Jesus is really alive in their lives and they may be a living witness of that.

The FJKM is continuing forward with Jesus’ s commission

Around three and half years now, claimed the president, 407 districts are reached through evangelization, with Christian cell groups and churches built. Then, he also appreciated and encouraged the efforts made by pastors, church leaders and Christians to spread the gospel all around the world by means of the different tools of new technologies even if  Churches have to close their doors due to this pandemic illness.

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Perikopa 2021


| | 16. Ala.VI man Paska
Neh 9.20-25/ Mat 12.14-21/ 1 Kor 12.12-13

| | 23. PENTEKOSTA- Alahady FFPM
Eze 36.22-30 /Jao 16.12-15 / 1Kor 2.1-5

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Eks 31.1-5 / Lio 10.17-24 / 1 Jao 3.18-20

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