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 “So, do not be ashamed to testify about our Lord.” II Tim 1: 8a

Sunday 19th of January from 10 to 12.30 am was dedicated by the Church of Jesus Christ in Madagascar (FJKM) to intercede for their President and his family as well as for the work-year 2020. The Analamahitsy Coliseum was crowded from the inside out, not only by the FJKM believers from Antananarivo but also by those who are from the other regions of Madagascar. Special guests like the Authority representatives were present. Early praise and worship time led by combined choirs from different FJKM Churches took place from 8 am. There were Korean participants as well. The service was direct on Radio Fahazavana, the FJKM Radio, and  on FaceBook .


“The Lord God shows His mighty hand.”

 Pastor ZARAZAKA Jean Louis, Vice president of the Headquarter Responsibles-Board took the lead; while Pastor ANDRIAMAMPIANINA Zaka Hary Masy (Counselor at the same board) gave the message from the word of God in Acts 5: 29.

The point was :

Daring to point out the source of all the evil.

He started with giving some statistics about Madagascar such as: only 10.000 families eat the 90% of the riches of the country.  9 malagasy out of 10 eat too little. Madagascar is the 5th from the poorest countries of the world. 70% of the populations are Christians and 98% for the case of Antananarivo.  The gap between rich and poor people is huge, 50 times higher than it is in the developed countries which is 5%. What an evidence of an unjust distribution of the riches of the country. What a lack of an equal sharing!  If the successive presidents of Madagascar so far claimed to be Christian, so who is the responsible of this deep poverty and of this actual rank of Madagascar? Who is the responsible?    If the percentage of malagasy Christians is that high and if the rate of corruption increase in Madagascar, which means Christians  are part of it, participate with it and agree to receive corruption.

It is not the will of God that Madagascar is poor and especially among the poorest country in the world. He has given us so many riches. We are responsible of the actual rank of Madagascar.

In the days of Calvin, Christians were known by their “blue hands” which meant at that time that they have been working because the blue water at their work place was obvious in their hands.  Calvin agreed with Christians borrowing money from the bank if the bank interest rates are not more than 5 to 6 %.   Following are the 5 right ways to make money according to the reformed church, which is acknowledged worldwide as protestant biblical mindsets.

1-Working hard

2-Save and extend (create new jobs out of your job)

3-Not choosing a job (do any job)

4-Do social work (Dispensary, school, mercy ministry in a personal level)

5-Respect the right of your workers

He ended up his message by emphasizing on Submission to God, which should be more than submission to men; and by asking a question: “How to reach the foreigners in Madagascar by the Gospel of Jesus Christ?”


Samples of important information by the General Secretary (Pastor RADIMISAON Jonah) and by one of the Vice president of the headquarter board (RANDRIAMAMONJISOA Georges Henri): 

-An MP3 card is available for sale. It contains all the additional songs, all Psalms and all anniversary-celebration hymns.

-The Building as a monument of the 200 years anniversary of the FJKM School is not finished yet. It is in Imerimandroso Alaotra, dedicated for teachers’ training. Contributions are still welcome.

– Fahazavana TV is about to start, it can be followed on Face Book at:  FJKM TV Fahazavana (FTV).

-The guest house in Mahajanga is nearly finished as a result of our 200Ar contribution from every Christian, literally called “golden thread”.

-This year is the 150th anniversary of the Pastor’s Training Center.  The celebration-opening service took place at Anatirova church (by the Queen’s Palace) last Friday 24th of January from 9am.

-A chapel is being built at the Theological College of Ivato, collaboration with the South Korean church.

-Radio Fahazavana got the highest Antenna in Antananarivo as a result of the collaboration with a businessman  church’s member.  So, 88.6 MHz is on again.

-Praise God, Cinema Ako is back to the FJKM church after all those years.

-The FJKM church outside of Madagascar is increasing in number. A brand new one is starting in Comoros Islands as it is in Quebec and so on.

 Apart from leading a prayer, the same vice president asked  everybody to proclaim Numbers 6: 24-26 over the President and his family.


After that, the floor was given to the president.  Part of his introduction was mentioning the Ph. D. in Theology, Honoris Causa that he just got from the Common Wealth; the reason of his wearing of the appropriate robe that Sunday, he said. He went on congratulating all the new appointed Directors and Secretaries as well as Projects leaders.  He was so grateful to everybody present and to all organizers. Following are his 5 main messages:

  1. Go in love as we are siblings in the Lord. Successors are not enemies.
  2. Stand firm in faith. Jesus Christ stays the same. He is molding our love for Him (the one who never changes) in the midst of the changing world.
  3. Work with enthusiasm. Instead of 4 years, the 407 unreached towns were reached in 3 years and a half. They now have either churches or prayer cell groups. The FJKM Schools are advancing. Take Discipline back to the FJKM Schools, in every area, including cleanness. Let the Schools be a real FJKM Schools that leads the students into salvation, that one day they can point out as their place of salvation. He mentioned that new information system will be soon established among the FJKM churches.
  4. Focus on the work of God (not on the work of the enemy). If The Lord is happy and the people are happy, that is good. If the Lord is happy but not the people, what can you do? If the people are happy but not the Lord, that’s a danger! Only the tangibility of your oneness with Jesus makes you bear the fruits he wants. Then, he recommended two books in malagasy by those who were present. One is written by Pastor ZARASOA (literally entitled: The renewal of the spirit required by the Lord from pastors); and the other one translated by Pastor RABEMILA Yvette (literally entitled: What would Jesus do in my place?).
  5. Remember the “forever”. None of your hard work is in vain. Don’t let your attention be drawn by the things that are passing away. Work hard; serve as much as you can for both heaven focus and for crown focus.

The President concluded his speech with two announcements:

1- He challenged everybody to pray for the preparation of the “Synoda lehibe” that will take place in Sambava from 12th to 19th August 2020. It will be a good week for every FJKM church (translated in malagasy as a holy week).  He explained that it will be a week of prayer (and fasting or without fasting) for every decision taken during the week; as the new President and his new co-workers will come out of this week meetings and voting.  A time of thanksgiving and prayer will be held later for the “new headquarter board –members” and for their responsibilities.

2- He also took the opportunity to answer few questions that people were asking him concerning the election of the new FJKM president this year: Can you be re-elected? (Only the above 65 years old can’t be a candidate). Will you present yourself as one of the candidates? (Not that way, has to be presented by the others). What if you are asked to be one of the candidates (It was not you who chose me, says the Lord). How to know that you are chosen by God? (Pray without ceasing).

To close, he asked the believers to pray two by two for the headquarter board-members as well as for him and his family.

Pastor ZARAZAKA Jean Louis ended up with a hymn and a benediction prayer.

It was a wonderful service under the leading of the Holy Spirit and with God’s presence.

May the church of Jesus Christ be a mighty tool in god’s hand to make a difference in Madagascar, because of their love and their concern for God and for the country God has given them.

Glory be to Him alone, forever and ever! Amen.

Mamy Danieline


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