FJKM’s General Assembly

Organisation of the FJKM’ s general assembly.

The new staff of the FJKM’s general assembly  has already been elected last Wednesday afternoon of the 11th of August 2021. This election was not yet about the FJKM ‘s General secretary but only the staff of the FJKM’s general assembly. Workshops are given out with different topics  for all the synodists last Thursday the 12th of August 2021. These were led by different spokesmen and spokeswomen of God, who were all members of the FJKM  .

5 Group commissions are built.

They moved on for electing the commissional group  works afterwards. These are both composed by pastors and laics.
Those commissions are for the education, church and evangelization, finance and belongings, development, the FJKM’s rules and regulations and about national life.

Préparation of the election

  The team in charge of all the elections of the new board members of the FJKM and the new headquarters have been voted the Saturday morning. 50 persons volunteered, and accepted  to organize all about that. Among the Schedules aligned with that, every evening, from 6. 15 p.m to 7. 15 p. m except the Sunday. Topics are given out for spiritual and social teachings for all walks of people which are all at the Karmela Antanifotsy FJKM.
The 15th of August, the synodists have to spread out to the different local churches around Sambava for the worship services. In the evening, there’s praise and worship  from 4.30- 6.30 p. m at the FJKM Filadelfia Sambava’ s new building. 

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Perikopa 2022


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| | 06. Ala .V man. Epifania
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| | 20. Ala .VII man.Epifania-Arsiva FJKM
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