Easter greetings from the PROK

Easter greetings from the Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea (PROK).

Peace be with you!
We greet you in faithful prayers in this testing time of the global COVID-19 pandemic.

While we are facing most painful losses of our beloved ones in this unprecedented situation, we reaffirm our confidence and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. Though we hope that South Korea has passed the worst and look forward to better days to come, we all are sharing the difficulties and hopes with all our brothers and sisters around the world.

We are all anxiously following the global news on the seriousness of the COVID-19 pandemic. We would like do share how the PROK is countering the pandemic, while upholding the identity as a church. We have identified some areas to properly channel and amplify our efforts:


  • Preserve the continuity of official worship services and bible sessions through providing alternative ways, whenever possible. The PROK advices and recommends consecutive small-group gatherings, where the « social distance » can be observed, so that the church will not be another source of infection. Regular family devotions are highly recommended.
  • Recently advising the congregation to organize online worship services and provide necesssary material and instructions.
  • Sharing worship and bible session material for alternativy ways of koinonia.
  • New and comforting understanding on the churches’ daily life had to be provided, such as theological reflections, pastoral messages on all areas of the churches’ ministries.
  • Several calls for fundraising to support financially weaker congregations and ministers.
  • Since the General Assembly Offices of the PROK is functioning normally, the leadership commissioned a special unit for situation monitoring that ensures transparency, authenticity and sharing of information on the global pandemic. This has proven to help making informed decisions.

Social Service

  • Connecting congregations and PROK organizations to local authorities to mobilize volunteers to support alienated or marginalized people.
  • Sharing information on necessary equipment for the most urgent regions. Providing basic equipment and goods.

Administration (General Assembly Offices)

  • Constantly updating and sharing of information with governmental / local authorities.
  • Monitoring different local situation and cooperation between them.
  • Assessment and verification of public information on the COVID-19 situation. Sharing this information through various media with local congregations.

Prophetic Vision

  • Call for daily prayer at 10 am. Daily provided prayers and material for small group (family) prayer-meetings (SMS, Website, etc.)
  • Assessing the current situation and preparing for Post-COVID-19.
  • Issuing open letters to address congregations and general public, to protect and support the churches’ role as a religious community, as well as a social entity.

As we are entering the time of Easter, we express our faith along with our partners in Christ, that the LORD IS RISEN!

Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Especially with those who suffer and mourn; who have to go beyond their borders; who are there for others.

May the healing touch of the risen Lord be with us all.


Rev. Dr. JaeCheon LEE
General Secretary

Perikopa 2021


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