FFKM/ The church stands…

The church stands in the gap facing the COVID-19 .

The Christian council of churches in Madagascar called « FFKM » and its committee, represented by the 4 presidents of each church which are members in,  had an announcement last April 5, 2020 based upon the scripture in 2 Corinthians 5. 20d « Be reconciled to God ».
Right after the ecumenical worship service they led at the Analakely cathedral FJKM church that day, these 4 presidents of the council of churches  « FFKM »  had messages for the Malagasy people and the state’s leaders.

**Words of encouragement

The FFKM calls the people not to be discouraged in front of this pandemic dreadful impact. Then, called everyone to turn their focus to Jesus Christ the saviour.

**A call to a national repentance :

Individuals are invited to shout for repentance to God. Everyday, at noon, churches have to ring their bells along with.

** A call for fellowship

As this is a national fight, for all walks of Malagasy people, unity and fellowship are welcomed in such situation, and they invite all the Malagasy citizen to avoid partiality and divisive ideas.

**A call to seek peace

People are tired because of different hardships, they need to find the peace, God’s peace.

***Messages for the state’s leaders

**The FFKM  called  the leaders to act with justice and righteousness indeed with fear of God. And they also said to remember those state’s leaders in their prayers  so that the Holy Spirit may lead them in the decisions they have to undertake.

**Encouragement for those in health care.

And again, a call also is made to the state so that the government will help all of those who are in charge of the health care around this Covid 19.

***The church buildings are closed but the churches stand as witnesses.

Despite  the churches have to  close their doors, the ecuminical worship services for the holy week will stand everyday at 5 p.m broadcasted on the national media TVM and RNM. All around Madagascar may follow these programs from Monday 5, 2020 until the day of Easter 2020.

FJKM – Website Team

Perikopa 2022


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