Valentine’s event 2020.

 Soaked by love 

(Valentine’s event, covered by the President of the FJKM).

What an opportunity  to know the real love and to understand godly marriage !

From February 11th to 15th; the FJKM ARM ( FJKM in the town of Antananarivo and its surroundings), the KPMS (National committee against HIV), the Vaomieran’ny Fianakaviana Kristiana FJKM (Commission of the FJKM Christian family), Fikambanana Tokantrano vavolombelona (Home witnesses Association) and the Fikambanan’ny Renin-jaza Kristiana (Christian Mothers Association) organized a week of Conferences at the FJKM Cathedral Analakely.

The Topics were: « The Foundation of Christian Marriage » by Pastor Fidison RAZAFINIARIVO; « Mutual listening between husband and wife » by Pastor Jean William  RAZAFIMAHATRATRA; « Test and Marriage » by Pastor Dyna TRIMOZAFY ; « Give me a prudent Partner » by Pastor Gilbert RALISON  and finally  «  How can I handle my love » by the Pastor Dr Irako ANDRAMAHAZOSOA Ammi.

Some sessions took place at Manarintsoa Finoana Isotry FJKM Church such as: « I want to love but I’m scared » and « Does a spouse make your life comfortable? »

Apart from teachings, one of the sessions were dedicated for questions which was very helpful to the couples, lovers and everybody present. The organizers also gave room for games where winners received different gifts.

On Sunday 16th, different couples from the audience and from the organizers could close that week together with a meal at one reception area.

What a week of revelation! The only acceptable and godly marriage is between one man and one woman according to God the creator. In order to be able to choose the right partner and to love properly, ones must receive Jesus as Lord and savior. What an opportunity to respond to the Gospel as well!

Looking forward to next year’s Valentine’s event, as well as the establishing of the FJKM new department on “Family and Christian home”.

To God be the Glory!

Mamy Danieline

AFIFAB/Santatra Fahazavana

How do I handle my love life?

5 great answers are given by the Doctor Irako Andriamahazosoa Ammi President of the FJKM Church to replay to this problematic question: how do I handle my love life?. That is to close a week teaching sessions named : » « soaked of love », at the FJKM Analakely from the 10th, February 2020. to the 15th, February 2020. These sessions aimed at building-up the Christian family life.

Accept your love life

It is not a sin to love, It is obvious to love someone as God has given a heart- beating to love.

Master your love life
By knowing the Bible principles you can handle your love life.

Ask permission for your love life.

Ask for wisdom from God and advices to your biological parents and elders for all decisions about love.

Be on guard for your love life.

Stand firm not to fall into temptations, and commit adultery.

Give to Jesus your love life

The only power to overcome love problems is from the power of accepting Jesus as Lord and savior. 99% of love problems are due to the disobedience of God’s words. Christians are called to live a holy life.

Veronica Andrianarison

AFIFAB/Santatra Fahazavana

Perikopa 2021


| | 16. Ala.VI man Paska
Neh 9.20-25/ Mat 12.14-21/ 1 Kor 12.12-13

| | 23. PENTEKOSTA- Alahady FFPM
Eze 36.22-30 /Jao 16.12-15 / 1Kor 2.1-5

| | 30. Ala. Trinite
Eks 31.1-5 / Lio 10.17-24 / 1 Jao 3.18-20

FJKM Fahazavana

Alahady 09 Mey 2021